arm1 W1S1 [a:m US a:rm] n
5 be up in arms
6 with open arms
7 somebody would give their right arm to do something
8 hold something at arm's length
9 keep/hold somebody at arm's length
10 as long as your arm
11¦(part of group)¦
13 on somebody's arm
[Sense: 1, 3-4, 6-13; Origin: Old English earm]
[Sense: 2,5,14; Date: 1100-1200; : Old French; Origin: armes (plural), from Latin arma]
1.) ¦(BODY)¦
one of the two long parts of your body between your shoulders and your hands
Dave has a broken arm .
left/right arm
He had a tattoo on his left arm.
Tim's mother put her arms around him.
Pat was carrying a box under his arm .
He had a pile of books in his arms .
They walked along the beach arm in arm (=with their arms bent around each other's) .
take sb by the arm
(=lead someone somewhere by holding their arm)
She took him by the arm and pushed him out of the door.
take sb in your arms
(=gently hold someone with your arms)
Gerry took Fiona in his arms and kissed her.
cross/fold your arms
(=bend your arms so that they are resting on top of each other against your body)
He folded his arms and leaned back in his chair.
The old lady rushed to greet him, arms outstretched .
2.) ¦(WEAPONS)¦
arms [plural]
weapons used for fighting wars
Sales of arms to the Middle East have dramatically increased.
nuclear arms
the arms trade
an arms dealer
The government is cutting arms expenditure.
The United Nations will lift its arms embargo against the country.
take up arms (against sb)
(=get weapons and fight)
Boys as young as 13 are taking up arms to defend the city.
He appealed for the rebels to lay down their arms (=stop fighting) .
under arms
(=with weapons and ready to fight)
All available forces are under arms.
small arms atsmall1 (15)
↑arm, ↑cushion, ↑leg
the part of a chair, ↑sofa etc that you rest your arms on
4.) ¦(CLOTHING)¦
the part of a piece of clothing that covers your arm
= ↑sleeve
5.) be up in arms
to be very angry and ready to argue or fight
Residents are up in arms about plans for a new road along the beach.
6.) with open arms
if you do something with open arms, you show that you are happy to see someone or eager to accept an idea, plan etc
We welcomed Henry's offer with open arms .
My new in-laws accepted me with open arms .
7.) sb would give their right arm to do sth
used to say that someone would be willing to do anything to get or do something because they want it very much
I'd give my right arm to be 21 again.
8.) hold sth at arm's length
to hold something away from your body
9.) keep/hold sb at arm's length
to avoid developing a relationship with someone
Petra keeps all men at arm's length to avoid getting hurt.
10.) as long as your arm informal
a list or written document that is as long as your arm is very long
I've got a list of things to do as long as your arm.
11.) ¦(PART OF GROUP)¦
a part of a large group that is responsible for a particular type of activity
the political arm of a terrorist organization
Epson America is the US marketing arm of a Japanese company.
a long part of an object or piece of equipment
the arm of a record player
There is a 15-foot arm supporting the antenna.
13.) on sb's arm
old-fashioned if a man has a woman on his arm, she is walking beside him holding his arm
14.) ¦(DESIGN)¦
arms [plural]
a set of pictures or patterns, usually painted on a ↑shield, that is used as the special sign of a family, town, university etc
arms akimbo atakimbo, babe in arms atbabe, brothers in arms atbrother1 (6), cost an arm and a leg atcost2 (1), fold sb/sth in your arms atfold1 (7), twist sb's arm attwist1 (9)
arm 2
arm2 v [T]
[Date: 1200-1300; : Old French; Origin: armer, from Latin armare, from arma; ARM1]
1.) to provide weapons for yourself, an army, a country etc in order to prepare for a fight or a war
arm sb with sth
The local farmers have armed themselves with rifles and pistols.
The rebels armed a group of 2000 men to attack the city.
→↑armed, unarmed
2.) to provide all the information, skills, or equipment you need to do something
= ↑equip arm sb with sth
Arm yourself with all the facts you need to argue your case.
The guidebook arms the reader with a mass of useful information.

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